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There is hardly an issue of more pressing and decisive importance to mankind's future than Earth's natural resources. The growing scarcity of our essential raw materials is the item on humanity's agenda that requires urgent attention.

Launched by artcircolo in the year 2000, overtures presents a series of art projects and exhibitions dealing with this topic. From its very inception, it has been designed to promote close cooperation between artists, curators, technologists, scientists, economists and politicians. From the consequences of climatic change, in its details still unforseeable, overtures derives designs for alternative food for thought and points of view in order to provide society with options for actions that are artistically accented and thus intentionally left open.

With their points of view and their works, artists foster public discussions with experts for a paradigm change.

The precondition for exploring and commenting impacts of global manifestations of society and environment is the concrete experience of confronting the local situations. Thus overtures has been conceived as a long-term expedition, with stops in a wide variety of cities and countries.

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